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Jamilatus Sadiah
Arif Maulana Yusuf


The payroll system is an important function that is the responsibility of Human Resources Management. Its main function is to provide compensation to employees in the form of salary in exchange for their contribution to the organization / agency. Payroll is one of the processes in an organization that is vulnerable to problems. Slow data processing can result in slow presentation of slow report making so that it is also possible to delay payment of salaries to employees. Plus if something goes wrong making salary calculations inaccurate. This makes the payroll system needs to be supported by a good information system. The research methodology used by the author in this research is the System Development Life Sycle (SDLC) Waterfall method. The development of research methodology has several sequential stages, namely: planning (modeling), modeling (modeling), construction (construction), and the delivery of the system to the customers / users (deployment). Based on the problems found, The author proposes to PT Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPR) Sanggabuana Agung Karawang to use VB.Net, it is expected that with the proposed system can improve Payroll problems that occur at PT Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPR) Sanggabuana Agung. Based on this research, the existence of a computerized employee payroll calculation system is expected to become a system that is useful for the development of the company in the future, and it is hoped that it can fix the problem and can also facilitate the calculation of payroll. 

Keywords : Accountimg Information System, Payroll, VB.Net Programming

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